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documents raise serious questions about the war in afghanistan and whether a key u.s. ally is helping the enemy. i'm katie couric. also tonight an exclusive cbs news interview with the president of iran. mahmoud ahmadinejad denies he's aiding the taliban and accuses president obama of snubbing him. a shake-up is expected to put an american in charge of b.p. while tony heyward could walk away with an ocean of severance pay. and steve hartman takes the temperature of the nation and finds we're running hot. >> i wish it were winter. >> reporter: and cold. >> i love the heat. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. the obama administration is dealing with a serious breach of national security tonight. tens of thousands of classified documents about the war in afghanistan leaked and posted on the web. at a time when more than 60% of americans believe the war is not going well, the documents provide some evidence to back that up. more than 91,000 were leaked to wikileaks.or
>>> next on "msnbc sunday," the search. nato forces looking for two u.s. sailors missing in afghanistan since friday. >>> wild weather, soaring temperatures and torrential rains. live reports coming up. >>> coming and going. the bp guy may be getting the heave-ho, and crews return to the gulf. >>> and people have saved pets given up by people all along the gulf coast. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to "mfrpsnbc sunday." what is happening out there. >>> developing news from afghanistan. a massive manhunt under way for two american sailors missing in the war zone. a taliban spokesman says one killed in a fire fight, the other taken prisoner by militants. let's bring in jim miklaszewski. what is the latest here. is this confirmation on the stat discu us and claims. >> according to u.s. military officials, no. all of this is coming from afghan officials. some of the has proven reliable. some not. the first order of business as you mentioned is the intensive search for the two missing sailors. in that area of logar province, 80 miles south of kabul, where this
information leaks in u.s. military history. a whistle-blowing web site has published nearly 100,000 documents about the war in afghanistan. and joel brown on the information that critics say could put american lives at risk. >> the founder of the web site defended his decision to go public with over 90,000 classified documents, which he gave to journalists and posted online. >> it does appear to be evidence of war crimes in the material. >> reporter: it could be the biggest leak ever, of classified documents. most are reports from the field, and they reveal secret u.s. commando units had killed afghan civilians when targeting insurgent leaders and taliban fighters have used heat-seeking missiles to shoot down american aircraft. many of the documents also suggest pakistan spy agencies could be helping the taliban in afghanistan, in its war against u.s. and afghan forces. the white house officials note that most of these documents covered the period before president obama took office. but top aides here were furious over the web site's decision to make the information public. the national secur
. a senior u.s. government official says tony hayward might be out. who might be replace him and how people in the gulf are reacting to the news. >> reporter: cbs news has learned bp's cheep executive is expected to step down some time after monday's meeting. a spokesperson said tony remains the spokesperson of bp. he has the confidence of the board and senior management. bob dudley considered for ceo in 2007 but lost out to hayward. he's an american born just 65 miles from the gulf coast. as the news of his departure started circulating, the government's point man for the spill reiterated his top priority is sealing the job well. >> focus on community effort and i'll continue to do that regardless of who is in charge of who i work with. >> reporter: all along the gulf coast talk inevitably turn today hayward. >> if it sank or something happens it's your fault. >> reporter: he's come under sharp credit can i feel about comments he's made about the spill. >> i'd love my life back. >> reporter: now that tropical storm bonnie is out of the picture, boats are back and trying to permanently seal
responsible for publishing the leaks says he's exposing u.s. war crimes. the white house says he's putting lives at risk. mark matthews is here now with more on the bay area reporter involved in bringing all of this to light. mark? >> this is being called one of the biggest intelligence breeches in u.s. history. 92,000 leaked reports, six years of classified records depicting a messy and brutal struggle in afghanistan. the information leaked includes reports the taliban are using heat-seeking missiles and that pakistan's military spy agency is in league with afghan insurgents including taliban. and accepting billions of dollars in u.s. aid. >> it's posing a real and potential threat to those working hard every day. >> the reports were first posted on wiki leaks, a whistle-blower web site. the information believed to be army specialist brad manning a 35-year-old analyst now in jail in kuwait. the founder of wiki links says there is no public evidence manning is the source. >> as far as we're able is that it's not that he is the source of the material. >> the computer hacker turning in manni
is going badly. so what do the documents actually say? "the new york times" was the only u.s. paper to publish the store prip here's my cyst of some of the most surprising items in this report. number one, it reports high-ranking members of the pakistani spy agency met with taliban officials and actually helped organize attacks against americans. pakistan, that's supposed to be our ally, right? number two. the situation on the ground is more grim than what we've been hearing from washington. number three, the taliban is better armed than we've been led to believe. in fact, the "times" reports they've actually been using heat-seeking missiles against allied aircraft, weapons used, as you recall, by the mujahidin against the soviets when they kicked their butts. four, the "times" reports on equipment shortages, specifically american vehicles. and five, a strain between american forces and their afghan counterparts. our next guest spent a lot of time in afghanistan since 9/11. he's currently part of a company that's working over there. he's also running as a republican for senate in th
is convicted. both suspects are due in court next week. >>> >>> the u.s. economy had the weakest growth in almost a year. the commerce department said the gross domestic product grew 2.4% in april, may and june. that is down from 3.7% revised number. weaker consumer spending and less growth from companies rebuilding inventories are seen as the main factor for the drop in growth. >>> the transit labor dispute is heading to court today. the judge may decide whether or not to overturn a contract that was imposed on transit employees. the contract changed work rules and shifted hours. that angered a lot of bus drivers who have been accused of staging a sickout. they say they need concessions from the union to reduce the budget deficit. they say if the judge reinstates the old contracts, all weekend transit service could be eliminated. >>> all right. time is 7:08. >>> yesterday we had call train delays. do we have them today. >> we do furtherly. we have a train that's been cancelled. i'm looking at the e-mail sent from cal train. let me pull this up here. it is train 309. it has been cancell
, build its reputation back in the u.s. >> jim, how significant is it that bp is naming an american to head the company? >> reporter: i think it's very significant, bob dudley's been around for a very long time. he was at amoco, if you recall amoco was taken over by bp in a merger in 1998. he went to -- grew up in mississippi so he knows that region very well. he has been in the gulf on and off during this whole oil spill. went to smu, university of illinois. so he is very much well known in the u.s. and they are hoping that as this first non-british ceo that he can repair bp's damage. he's got a on in his hands, as you say. they are setting aside $32.5 billion to clean up the oil spill. there will probably need to be more money as well. there is the issue of selling more than $30 billion worth of u.s. assets. that will be one of the many things on bob dudley's plate. >> jim boulden in london, thank you so much. >>> in 25 minutes we'll get a never-before-seen interview with outgoing ceo tony hayward, conducted in the early days of the disaster in the gulf. david matti intingly is pr
responding to claims that the report will put the lives of u.s. troops at risk. >> i think it's too early to say yet. it's clear that it will shave an understanding of what the past six years of war last been like, and that the costs of the what are needs to change, the manner in which it needs to change is not yet clear. bill: we are digging keeper on that today. it's a major headline. i'm bill hemmer. martha has vacation. >> reporter: i'm in for her. the move is sparking anger from the pentagon to the white house. gym jones is calling it irresponsible sphao fox news has not confirmed the ahh then advertise a see of the reports but they are sending ripples throughout washington. some of the most damaging aspects of the leaked documents are what, mike. >> reporter: bill, juliet good morning. the most damaging aspect is pointing the finger at pakistan over its roll helping the taliban. the isi is accused of aiding and in some cases funding the inch insurgency against u.s. troops in afghanistan. in the 91,000 documents covering january 2004 to december 2009 is some revolutions about perhaps
for that was with u.s. regulators. again, tony hayward from the very begin trying to set the tone with the discussion about responsibility with this disaster. he was saying that bp's responsibility began and ended with that oil and with the compensation of the victims. >> david mattingly live in new orleans. thanks. bob dud sly a chemical engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the oil industry. he has been in charge since june. almost as important he's a native of the rimg only. he grew up in mississippi and often spoken of swimming and fishing along the coast. he says the cleanup effort is a personal mission. here's other developments. earlier this morning, bp announced a new tally on the cost of the spill. it lost more than $17 billion just in april, may, june. and compare that to the same time last year when it pocketed a profit of $4.4 billion. here's the latest time frame for shut down the ruptured well. first step of the static kill maneuver could begin as soon as early as next week. sealing it permanently from the bottom through a relief well. . that could begin by august 9th. bp fa
will always love him. >> reporter: 15 u.s. gis have been killed in afghanistan this week putting july to be the deadliest since the war began with 50 americans dead according to the military times online. >> this is a hard struggle. and general petraeus has said very clearly that it's likely to get worse before it gets better. >> reporter: meanwhile, a massive manhunt continues for two missing u.s. navy men. cbs news reports the taliban claims one is dead and they want to exchange his body for insurgent prisoners. >> we will do all we can, everything. large number of forces focused on the return of these individuals. >> reporter: the two servicemen were believed to be heading back to their base in kabul when they apparently ran into taliban fighters. there was a gun fight and a representative said one was killed and the other captured. u.s. military is searching earn afghanistan for the two men south of kabul. >> it serves to remind of the challenges that we have and also the service and sacrifices that so many make. newly leaked classified documents portray a war more grime. it shoes
to exchange the body of a u.s. serviceman forrin insurgent prisoners. they say the sailor was killed in an ambush two days ago, and another u.s. serviceman was taken into custody. taliban says the pair drove into an area under insurgent control, prompting a brief gun fight. it is unclear what led the men to leave their compound. the u.s. launched a massive air and ground search for the two missing men after they did not return to the compound on kabul on friday. elsewhere, five troops have been killed in separate bombings, putting july as the deadliest months for u.s. troops since the war began nine years ago. >>> new video this morning of former cuban president fidel castro appearing on state-run television in cuba. he attended a ceremony to pay his respects to fallen firefighters -- or rather fallen fighters in his revolution. during the public appearance, castro warned of an impending nuclear war sparked by the u.s. he says, and israel. this is the first video of him leaving havana since he had had surgery in july of 2006. >>> ships are getting back in place this morning at bp's b
depends on how you see the world. . >> reporter: at the u.s. geological survey in menlo park, a lecture four decades in the making with one lesson. >> it's a beautiful planet but it needs care. >> reporter: the usgs is sharing 38 years' worth of satellite photos from around the world, comparing for better or for worse how things have changed. this is shanghai in 1973, mostly forest and farmland. here it is in 2005, the cities colored in blue have exploded in population. here's a patch of rain forest in brazil back in 1975. here's that same 80-mile stretch 28 years later mostly farmland. to outsiders all this development is alarming. >> you could say it's alarming or you could say it's a wonderful thing if you are a farmer in that area and suddenly you have 20,000 hectars of wheat that you can plant and cattle. >> reporter: this is the gulf oil spill in may the white portion oil. the same view taken wednesday, the oil sheen spread dramatically. remember the devastating floods in north dakota last year? this is what fargo normally looks like. and here's fargo last year. the black area is
last monday. swiss officials refused to report him to the u.s. where he's wanted for a 1977 child sex case. still ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news," the military changes tactics in its fight against suicide. a completely blocked artery, >> glor: officials in afghanistan today reported the death of five nato soldiers, including two americans, one killed by a road siem bomb in eastern afghanistan, the other in the south. a record 60 americans were killed in afghanistan last month. and the military's also grappling with an equally devastating problem, suicide byer service members. >> reporter: june was not only the worst month ever for american combat deaths in afghanistan. it was the worst month ever for suicides in the army. a total of 32 soldiers, both active duty and reserve, took their own lives in those 30 days. so far this year 145 soldiers have committed suicide compared with 130 during first six months of last year, which at the time was the worst on record. in an attempt to reverse the trend, the army released a suicide prevention video in which specialist joseph saunders,
, and they paint a devastating picture of the war in afghanistan. >>> this, as u.s. forces launch a manhunt for two american sailors who vanished three days ago. >>> top kill. bp's embattled ceo tony hayward reportedly set to be shown the door as the company's board meets today. will a change at the helm help bp's reputation with america? >>> and painful mix-up. police confuse a young survivor of an accident with another girl who died. this morning we'll hear from the father who spent a week at the bedside of a girl who turned out to be someone else's daughter. the tragic story today, monday, to be someone else's daughter. the tragic story today, monday, july 26, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm ann curry. those documents on the website called wikileaks could be the largest unauthorized disclosure in u.s. history. they are painting a blaeak picture. >> 92,000 documents. they span six years. the u.s. is saying the leak jeopardizes those serving in the region. who leaked the reports and why? what d
. >>> missing in afghanistan, as the deadly war continues, two u.s. navy personnel go missing, and now there's word that the taliban may have taken one of them hostage. >>> and bear trapped, a bear gets stuck inside a car and manages to shift gears all because of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. it's not a joke. we'll have the exclusive story, "today" sunday july 25th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a sunday morning. i'm lester holt. >> even i'm jenna wolfe. this bear must be mortified, everyone is taking pictures of it. you have to read the story awe couple of times. >> the reason i said it wasn't a joke it seems like a setup for a joke. he ends up in the car but -- >> car door gets closed, knocks it into neutral, flying down the driveway. >> it gets funnier from there. we'll talk about that later on. >>> we'll talk about heat also, all been suffering, i say all the mid-atlantic, the east, northeast, many parts of the midwest and the suppressive heat. the midwest trying to recover from dangerous flooding, a dam in iow
of civilian deaths than indicated. pakistan, the u.s. ally has been secretly helping al qaeda. and they quickly denied that and the u.s. state department says that these documents to not represent what is happening now. >> we put in place, over the past several months a strong foundation, working with pakistan, afghanistan, that we confront today. it is different and what we confronted 2-3 years ago. >> the white house is still insisting that pakistan is a strong ally and the people behind of those leaks and there are thousands of those documents that could be investigated as war crimes. fed >> thank you, catherine heaney. >> and on july 1st, and another governor might not even a sign the budget before he leaves office in january. governor arnold schwarzenegger wants spending reform, pension reforms, and people rushed with the majority of the lat majority two-thirds, and that he does not tip his request? he will not sign it, and that will leave that open for the new governor. >> and the dow jones. fed ex. led the charge what they're out look for the months ahead. >> taking it
's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence >>> three u.s. troops died in afghanistan, making that the deadliest month for u.s. forces in the war. nato says the three latest casualties died in two separate blasts. in southern afghanistan. commanders had previously warned the number of deaths could increase as the military ramps up its war on the taliban. >>> the fbi is helping track down those responsible for leaking more than 90,000 pages of classified documents on the war. they showed up open the wicki leaks website and alison burns is live now in our washington, d.c. newsroom with more on this story. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. we do have some new information this morning. the 22-year-old soldier suspected of leaking more than 90,000 documents from afghanistan has been moved from ku wait to the military base at virginia about 25 miles from us here on capitol hill. the fbi also has a base there and is on the case now. defense secretary bob gates and joint chiefs chairman called the leak of these secret documents deeply da
and everyone's." as u.s. troops move out iraq, many more are moving into afghanistan. one of the best-seller lists on the "the new york times" best seller list, the laura bush biography is that no. 5. no. 12, "change your brain, change your body." "born to run," is no. 13. we encourage you to check out booktv.org in our weekend programming on c-span 2. taking a look at the other issues and guests making up the sunday morning conversation, bobby jackson. caller: the white house and congressional agenda, congress is returning this week. the midterm elections and the gulf coast oil spill. the guests on "meet the press" include robert gibbs. on abc this week, talking with david axelrod. luis gutierrez and bryan bill bread. the guests on "fox news sunday," hosted by chris wallace, david axelrod and jon kyle, as well as an interview with benjamin netanyahu. on "face the nation" on cbs, eric holder. on cnn's "state of the union," guests include david axelrod, new mexico governor bill richardson, a trend frank, and kenneth feinberg, administrator of the gulf coast oil spill victims compensati
of fraud by the u.s. government. scott bud man is here, i hear the word lawsuit is being bandied about? >> this is the u.s. justice department going after oracle. announcing plans this afternoon to join a fraud lawsuit filed against oracle. claiming the company did not offer deals. the original lawsuit was filed by an oracle employee as a whistle-blower. the mountain view search giant says mainland china has cut off google's search engine. google shares falling in after hours trading because of that news. as for the regular session, can you see stocks fell despite a drop in jobless claims, investors still uncertain about the direction of our economy. speaking of uncertainty. toyota announcing a recall today. 400,000 of its avalon and lexus ls-470 models because of a recall that could lead to loss of driver control. back to you. >> thanks, scott. >>> a huge drug cartel hot bust nets almost 100 mexican nationals in the sierra mountains. the raids were part of a sweep in the mountain range. agents combed remote areas in fresno, madara counties, scoring $1.7 billion worth of illegal weed.
in the process. >>> and the u.s. versus arizona. an epic constitutional showdown over immigration. we'll consult the lawyer who argued bush versus gore. >>> it is july 7th, 2010. i'm chuck todd live here in aspen. >> good morning, i'm savannah guthrie live in washington. we'll explain why chuck is in aspen in a moment, but first, we'll get right to the rundown. we are going to start with the white house and what some say is the president's end run around congress. he will install donald burrway to run medicare and medicaid today in a recess pointment to help him avoid a messy confrontation process. mike baa caro is joining us from the white house. the white house says republicans left them no choice. >> reporter: right. they call it typical washington game playing. they say it was clear the republicans were going to stall as long as they could. savannah, it is right there in article 2, section 2, of the constitution. the president can make recess pointments when the congress is in recess as it is this week, and that individual would sherve until the end of the next session. that's donald burwick
on the right cheek when she tried to pet it the dog is now in quarantine. >>> 5:05 a.m. u.s. and pakistani officials condemning the release of classified documents on the war in afghanistan. the whistle blower website posted 91,000 military records with details of 6 years of the war. wiki leaks says there appears to be evidence of war crimes in those documents it also includes unreported incidents about afghan civilian deaths and cosort operations. those could put the lives of americans at risk. >>> nato forces in afghanistan are conducting a massive search for two missing sailors. afghan officials say the two men left their base friday without notifying afghan security forces. american officials are not commenting on taliban claims they killed one of the sailors in a gun fight and captured the other. the u.s. military released images of the sailors but not provided their names. >>> tony hayward expected to resign as soon as today as british petroleum's executive. he has been the foe cans of criticism since -- focus of criticism since the explosion that started the oil leak in the gulf of
the application remains to be seen. >> of course, wonder how the supplies in u.s., back in april facebook did update its safety features in the u.s. here are four quick steps. go to account, go to help center, safety, then safety for teens. those are the four steps you have to take. >> as with so many of these changes it all stems from a tragic incident. this one in the uk, a 17-year-old girl who was kidnapped, raped and murdered. they realize -- this guy posed as someone else on facebook. they realize these changes have to happen. we'll be right back with angelina jolie, stick around. man on radio: mission is a go. you are good to go. so, have you made your decision yet? yeah, i think so. the wishes of thousands of children are waiting to come true. you can make it happen. find out how today at wish.org. >>> angelina jolie seems to have it all. considered one of the most stunning women in the world, no argument there. >> cynthia mcfadden sat down with jolie to talk about her new movie role and her life with brad pitt. >> i'm innocent! somebody is getting me up! >> reporter: jolie plays the t
organize, to defend the rights of my grants. we organize u.s. citizens. so that they vote. he's going to be a huge target. >> the demonstrators fear it means people arrested for small infractions will be deported and children, left behind. law student says she saw this firsthand working in a ventura county law office. >> their families just must be heart broken. it's something like you know like a traffic infraction or something like that that is so little could just shatter families life in an instant. >> the executive director of alliance for a sustainable usa supports fcom saying it's time to control immigration. >> american taxpayers should not be paying for social services because illegal families. >> brown's san francisco office did promise to pass on the contact information saying maybe a face-to-face meeting could be arranged. and we did call hoiz sacramento office today for comment on the events and just have not yet heard back. in san francisco abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and a group gathered in pleasanton this evening to protest ruling that overturned a toughest part of th
will be with us here in the studio. breaking news overnight. it's grim. >> very grim. breaking news. three u.s. troops killed in afghanistan yesterday making july the deadliest month for american forces in the nearly nine-year war. nato officials say the troops died in two separate blasts in the southern part of the country. according to an associated press count that brings the u.s. death toll for the month to at least 63. june had been the deadliest month for the u.s. with 60 deaths and for the overall nato led force with 104 fatalities. meanwhile a new report on the increase in army suicides finds the military is failing its soldiers as they deal with repeated deployments to afghanistan and iraq. according to the army study, military commanders are so focused on preparing their troops for war, they are allowing them to engage in risky behavior back here at home like drug and alcohol abuse that may lead to suicide. the army counted 160 suicides last year, the highest total ever. a senate report reveals as many as 6,600 graves may be unmarked or mislabeled at arlington national cemetery. a pr
and iraq in defeat. the taunt came on the same day a "washington post" report said the u.s. intelligence community has become so massive no one can say if we're safer now than we were nine years ago. here's our justice correspondent bob orr. >> reporter: just a month after 9/11, president bush created the office of homeland security, pledging to spare no effort in stopping the next terrorist attack. >> we're going to be ongoing and relentless. >> reporter: in the nine years since, there has been no major attack, but the government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars creating a sprawling top-secret intelligence complex which the "washington post" concludes is bloated and inefficient. >> overlapping agencies doing overlapping things. >> reporter: reporter dana priest led a two-year investigation that's revealed mind-bonding numbers. there are now 3,200 government organizations and private firms working on homeland security, counterterrorism and intelligence. 854,000 people hold top-secret security clearances. and analysts published 50,000 intelligence reports every year. but the news
if some people get killed as a result of this. >> it could be the largest leak in the u.s. military history. war crimes, cover-ups, what else the sikh resident info reveals. >>> i don't want anyone to have to go through this. >> her daughter had her seatbelt on when she was killed but what she did, and many others do in the car, that can make seatbelts ineffective. surgery. . >>> you're not planning on having children? the new type of contraception that can permanently prevent pregnancy without surgery. . >>> 99 years as a local dive bar. turns out this local bar was illegal. how they ratted themselves out. >> whether we get through this or not, we're going to have a party. >> and the folks that went there. >> the treatment that helps dogs but destroys fees. >> so ask your veterinarian for advantage. joel brown on what the data . >>> a whistle blowing web site has looked secret documents about the war in afghanistan. joel brown on what that data reveals and the suspicions it raises. >> reporter: the white house had some tough words for the web site that published over 90,000 classif
. >> fascinating. thank you oo. and up next, tonight there is a crucial vote on funding u.s. war efforts overseas. >> and there is a new oil leak on a river in upper mid west. how this stream got foiled. >> and sudden death of one of the fiercesome raiders ever to hit the field. presenting the cadillac "summer's best" sales event. a fantastic opportunity to get a great offer on an all new cadillac srx luxury collection crossover... ..with a bose premium sound system. and an ultra-view sunroof designed to let more summer time in. summer brings out the @ñ so now's the perfect time to get behind the wheel of a new cadillac. hurry in for great lease or purchase offers on an all new srx during cadillac's summer's best sales event going on now at your cadillac dealer. "meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees.
is now down 34 points. right now the president of the u.s. justice is the u.s. department of justice filed a lawsuit thursday alleging that oracle corp. defrauded the government in a software deal that involved hundreds of millions of dollars. the suit claims that oracle misrepresented its sales practices in several ways, forcing the government - and by extension taxpayers - to overpay. oracle didn't respond to a request for comment. it a 7:12 a.m. when to give quick break. c,gt 715 we have a quick recap, we are alive and oakland and there is a man that is arrested after he burst into a children's hospital and health staffer at gunpoint. the police quickly moved in and arrested him, investigators are on the scene and so are we. the contract between ac transit and the union, is looking to overturn the contract. they're in negotiations right now and they're breaking down, all the drivers are calling in sick which is calling problems with all the trains being on schedule. the wildfires have before it burned 48 a. now, i need 48 800 a.. 1000 homes have been saved and there's still 1000
. but they are critical to investigators right now here in the u.s. and in london. cnn's paula newton joining us from that area with the latest. paula? >> reporter: kerry a you know, we are starting to learn why in a new york city bomb plot, the -- foiled attack on the new york city subway system that happened last year, why they actually called that one of the most serious attempted attacks since 9/11. these three suspects, two arrested in norway, one in germany, are believed to be linked as well to that attack. also linked is a gentleman who was arrested yesterday here in britain. again, in connection with that attack. a lot of this being motivated by an indictment that was unsealed yesterday in the u.s. court. kyra, these arrests do come after more than a year of surveillance. norwegian authorities saying they don't want to say any more about any details involved with the plot. just to say that they have these people under surveillance for quite some time. >> what other tools do the authorities use to crack this alleged al qaeda cell? do we know? >> reporter: beyond the surveillance, you know, we
to get to this. the stop story this morning, the white house blasting the release of over 90,000 u.s. military records on the war of afghanistan. this is the largest leak in u.s. history. mark phillips is in london this morning with the latest. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. this is not a wikileak, this is a wiki torrent. a dell luge of field report logs from units on the ground in afghanistan. much of it is released by the wikileak site. it paints a grim picture of the way the war is going. the release contains more than 90,000 reports sent by operational units in afghanistan from 2004 to the end of 2009. cataloged on the wikileaks website. among the allegations that elements of pakistan's intelligence services supposed allies of the u.s. have met with taliban leaders to plot strategy for the insurgency. that death squads have been operating to try to kill taliban leaders. that the taliban have been using surface to air missiles to target u.s. and allied aircraft. that civilian casualties have been even higher than admitted. in a statement, president obama's n
in the u.s. >> back to what is happening here in the u.s. if we are having the epidemic shift into minority communities, is it still the astigma temp assigned to being gay in the african american community and drug use preventing the education from going on. >> exactly. if you notice a few minutes ago i said men seeking men. >> right. >> in the african american community that is a term we use to draw in people who don't want the quote unquote gay label because there are a lot of men who identify as men having sex with men but do not want or identify with the gay label. >>> they are receiving education or where is the -- >> is it education or just that they won't accept -- well, i mean we have the services and education for years is it a cultural block or what? >> i personally believe it is a cultural block in the sense of not being tapped into what the general population is looking at. and you also need to look at it i believe on a socio-economic level depending on who you are talking to. we have a challenge in that we have to talk to a wide spectrum where as for instance the white gay comm
it is to work for the u.s. and afghan government. >> every time they can occur and kill americans, every time they can create a new message on the internet or new videotape that is part of a massive propaganda effort. >> i'm a prisoner, i want to go home. >> taliban has used a private for propaganda. he's been in custody for more than a year. he was taken into eastern afghanistan where the violence has never been higher. >> across the country more americans and afghans are dying than ever before. roadside bombs are four times effective as they were last year. yesterday they killed five more americans. >> those deaths make it the most deadliest of the war. more troops arrive here there will be more deaths and more troops will be in harm's way. >>> up next, a battle is brewing whether to keep the bush era tax breaks for the wealthy. >> scary crash at an air show in canada, pilot makes it out just in the nick of t t built with quality and backed with the best coverage in america including a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. that's 40,000 more miles than ford. chevy silverado half-ton. a consumer
the country's infrastructure of water, energy and health the projects are part of the u.s. effort to convince pakistan washington is not just backing the fight in the project will be funded with seven and half billion dollars in nonmilitary aid that they have approved it for five years. >> 727 we will be back with more a couple of minutes tonight nbc will air the giants gained so instead we will have nbc programming starting at 8:00 p.m. and 6 stopping at 10 back- to-back episodes of last, expanding. a special edition of kron 410 dr.phil will be on at 3:00 p.m. will be right back built with quality and backed with the best coverage in america including a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. that's 40,000 more miles than ford. chevy silverado half-ton. a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800. 729 violence in oakland the latest incident involved possible sniper to the more news faster yoli who is live in the oakland police departme
and with eight states under heat advisory, the u.s. is baking. here in new york where the temperatures reached 94 on sunday, triathletes were having trouble finishing a race. 12 people were hospitalized. in arizona an elderly man chasing down his postman barefoot suffered second degree burns on his feet. >> both the right and left feet had blistered all the way across the walls of my feet. >> reporter: in boston, the mayor in charlestown extended the local pool hours to combat the 91-degree temperatures. why another heat wave? the jet stream has been staying further north this year compared to last year which is keeping more heat and humidity all across our states. >> we're seeing temperatures so hot that we haven't seen in two years. everyone is flocking to the local wateri ining holes to try cool off. we hit 102 degrees yesterday. that broke a record set back in 1971. >> just as people are susceptible to heatstroke, they can become lethargic and disoriented so the trainers here are being extra diligent to make sure the horses are hydrated within minutes of completion of a race. >> the heat inde
raise more questions about the war in the u.s. david martin is at the pentagon this morning with the latest. david, good morning. >> good morning. the dust is yet to settle on that first avalanche of secrets. already the head of wikileaks is talking about releasing 15,000 more classified documents. the pentagon says it will take days if not weeks to assess the damage caused by what already is posted on the wikileaks web sigh. robert gibbs says people's lives have been put in danger. >> somebody is cooperating with the federal government and their name is listed in an action report. i don't think it is a stretch to believe that that could potentially put a group or individual at great personal risk. >> reporter: u.s. military officials assume the documents were leaked by 22-year-old private first class bradley manning who is already charged with illegally downloading classified video of the helicopter gun ship. the video which ended up on wikileaks. the documents cover the years 2004 to 2009 and describe in detail why the u.s. is in so much trouble in afghanistan. the u.s. ha
of the same ones that failed the u.s. the last time reform. why should we be confident they'll get it right? >> excellent question. the theory, the basic strategy in the reform bill does not rest on the wisdom of regulators. ortant two important things. it will help consumers make make choices. with better disclosure. much more clarity about the terms of the credit card about ther mortgage loan. they get better protection e ainst the risk of being taken advantage of. it also gives authority we did haveave to put in place strong constraints on risk taking on all the nation's largest institutions. existuthority did not exist before. and it was essential to what aused the near collapse of the inancial system. >> would these powers have allowed you, if you were treasury secretary at the time, or your predecessor to have staved off the crisis? >> i don't think any reform bill no law in any country that can prevent all crises. but, if we had had this adthority as a country, we would limiteen able to limit risk taking and deal with the trauma that came. less severe. it would have caused much les
afghanistan filed by u.s. forces during a five-year period have been leaked to the internet. there is anger about that security breach, and about the revelations of how u.s. allies are allegedly helping the taliban. as nbc bay area's steve handlesman explains, an anti-war online group is attacking u.s. policy and they are the culprit of the leak. >> reporter: made public for classified intelligence and action reports, filed by u.s. forces in afghanistan from '04 to '09. troops worried about local support, worried about civilian deaths. 90,000 reports like these four released online by wikileaks.org. >> it's war. it's one damn thing after another. >> reporter: wikileaks founder julian asange claims u.s. involvement sill legal. >> it does appear to be evidence of war crimes in this material. >> reporter: leaks detail how pakistani intelligence, the isi, allegedly helped the taliban and how the anti-american jihad was allegedly still being advised recently by former isi commander general hamid ghul. pakistan playing both sides, u.s. forces doubting they can win separately but claimed today tha
as possible. she currently holds a high level position in the u.s. stat department. >>> major league baseball offering to help san jose pay for a special election if a baseball committee allows the as to pursue a ballpark in the city. the committee was formed 16 months ago but still hasn't made a decision on what should happen with the as. last week mayor chuck reed and the city council decided to go ahead with a november ballot measure because the deadline was approaching. it would allow city voters to decide on that privately financed downtown stadium. the mayor's move upset baseball commissioner bud selig, but the situation seems to have smoothed over now. >> we're thrilled, obviously, that the mayor's decision to push forward has prompted a commitment from major league baseball that if we need to go to the ballot in the spring, they will help pay to bring the measure to the voters. >> baseball's offer has one condition, though. the city has to remove the measure from the november ballot. mayor reed says he is considering that. he initially balked at a special election because of all the e
, he doesn't come into the u.s. at all, fearing arrest. he could be charged as a material witness. he will be on the "today" show via satellite, talking with merideth veieira. she asks him if he would feel responsible. >> if somebody is executed because now their name is out there, would you consider that your form of collateral damage? >> yes, that would be true. if we had, in fact, made that mistake, then, of course, that would be something that we would take very seriously. >> now, the london times says it has found dozens of names of afghans credited with providing help to the u.s. on wick can i le leaks. the website only 2,000 of the 90,000 documents have been reviewed in depth. you can catch the rest of the interview on the "today" show coming up at 7:00. >>> 6:07 right now. san francisco's bayview-hunters point neighborhood will get a facelift. city supervisors gave the approval on the redevelopment project last night. the project on the site of the former hunters point u.s. naval shipyard would add more than 10,000 living units. nearly a third would be for low-income people. b
that debate may be moot. if the federal government decides to step in and the u.s. supreme court ruled five years ago that local and state laws are changing. federal law is still federal law. >>> the suspect involved a gun battle with chp on interstate 580 is expected to enter a plea to attempted murder charges in court in the next couple of hours. meantime, police say they their confrontation with byron will qams may have prevented a bigger problem and they know who he was targeting. >> this morning, byron williams has yet to take the stand and enter a plea. a sheriff's deputy told me they still have to interview him and try to get him of before the judge as quickly as possible. he has medical issues. those are the gunshot wounds he suffered during the mass shootout. >> you can hear some of the shots from the intense 12 minute gun battle that took place between chp officers early sunday morning on 580 in oakland. the suspect byron williams has told investigators he hoped to start a receiver lies by traveling to san francisco and killing people of importance at the aclu and tides foundation
was boasting about this coming weekend but he didn't make it. >> crystal re mariano served in the u.s. navy for 20 years and he's behind a wife, seven year- old daughter in the philippines. in oakland kron 4 news. >> >> >> is are permitted to release the statement they say " we extend our heartfelt sympathies to the employee's family and friends, and we're providing support to the employees at the oakland medical. ". the oakland police department could be getting federal help to deal with the recent rash of violence has kron 4 to do on thursday oakland police chief is they're reaching out to several federal agencies for assistance losing 80 officers. christine conley fought with that will mean for oakland residents. >> the oakland police department plans to draw federal agencies to town with a today violent summit. officials say it's in the works now set for late august it will bring and agencies like the fbi, dea, atf. the u.s. attorney's office said the first day officials will meet with community leaders to discuss what's needed. if the second day amid the with the police department to h
minutes. and there is a bang on the doors and after that, silence he was working in the u.s.. his wife and children stayed behind. and this is similar to last sunday's when a virginia man was shot and killed. police want to talk to two people seen in this video taken before that shooting. >> and also an firefighters uncovered a pot-growing operation responding to an apartment fire. 3200 block of telegraph avenue this morning. investigators sate fire started on the first floor, spread together top where the plants were found. no one was home at that time. they're searching for the cause of the fire but ruled out it being electrical. >> starting tomorrow, vallejo will cut the number of police cars by half. it's a direct result of the city crushing deficit two. officers instead of one will be assigned to each car on the road to makeup for the lack of back up. this decision comes a week after the department announced it's also suspending it's canine and s.w.a.t. programs 90 days. >> another black eye for embattled crime lab. a police official says a $140,000 machine could be used to help e
to will out of here. it is a bad thing. he was supposed to move out this weekend. >> and he served in the u.s. navy for 20 years and leaves a wife, seven year-old daughter in the philippines. in oakland, kron 4 news haaziq madyun. >> kaiser permanente a released that we >> 1996 lexus. after this, to death, and both robberies from the same block. to different depths. >> neptune court, small, two deaths. >> and with fake gregg's liscrad not only are these eight dead end street, these are also dead end street. you conceded there is not a lot of traffic and also this neighborhood, there are many homes that are empty, foreclosed. a moving van in front of this all right for the attacks happened. in one case, july 7th, 59 year-old and his son came to this block. and they're looking for the address of this home but it does not have a car for sale. when the knock on the door, the home owner answered and said that there were mistaken. when they were leaving here, there were attacked. >> he asked if we had a car for sale? >> and i said no. >> and two minutes later, we heard a lot of noise, and his head
the two may have been killed or captured by the taliban. elsewhere in that country, five u.s. troops were killed in separate bombings. july is on course to become the deadliest month for troops in afghanistan since the war began nearly nine years ago. >>> starting today valejo police officers are doubling up saying it is too dangerous for officers to ride alone. half as many patrol cars are on the streets. it isn't expected to save the bankrupt city any money but will speed up response times because officers won't have to wait for backup. a week after the police department suspended canine and s.w.a.t. programs due to budget cuts. >>> in san francisco a scheme was broken up to sell illegally muni transfer tickets. last week two men were arrested teaming up to sell transfer tickets on their own. one of the men is a san francisco municipal employee. >>> we have breaking news out of vacaville. homes are threatened by a brushfire. we have the very latest from there. >> reporter: hi there. we know of at least three fires burning here in solana county, the latest is at the intersection of midwa
now claims it killed one of the two u.s. sailors missing in afghanistan and kidnapped the other. a napa county soldier was laid to rest today after fighting in afghanistan. >> reporter: jim served four years in the army and 15 months in iraq before going to afghanistan. he was killed there 11 days ago at the age of 21. he died july 14th along with three fellow soldiers when an ied destroyed their vehicle. he went into the army and did service in iraq. >> he had everybody's back and he will definitely be missed. he was a great guy and we will always love him. >> reporter: 15 g.i.s have been killed in afghanistan just this past week. with at least 50 americans dead according to military times online, meanwhile a hunt continues for two missing u.s. navy men. taliban claims one man is dead and they want to exchange his body for two insurgent prisoners. >> we focus on the return of these two individuals. >> reporter: the two servicemen were headed back to their base in kabul when they apparently ran into taliban fighters. they are searching for the navy men when they disappeared in k
against u.s. helicopters. >> the first thing he said to me was that he had been the leaker of the -- collateral murder video. >> reporter: he claims manning wants to proof the u.s. was responsible of war crimes on against innocence. >> i gave him the impression of someone who would be system threatic to state trees on. >> reporter: he claims all this was done because of ego. >> did he tell you why he was leaking this information? >> he in his own words wanted hillary clinton to wake up and have a heart attack pretty much. >> reporter: he claims manning was is he dossed by wicky leaks, he claims manning thought he would be an international star for his efforts. now he says their operators should be charged. >> depending on how they are looked at, they could veriesly deemed to be a hostile for our intelligence service. >> reporter: robert lyles, cbs 5. >> if you would like to hear more of that interview, we have posted the entire interview on cbs 5.com. >>> an emergency responder finds himself the subject of an emergency response. how a firefighter fade after rolling his truc
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